network lock inside wall mounted metal computer workstation

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VIDEO: Network Lock in Medication Cabinet

Ease of UseSinai Medication Security

Imagine one card that can simplify your workflow as well as strengthen your control over the access to medications and assets.

The NetLock eliminates the need to remember a password, a combination or key to open a cabinet. Now, a simple swipe of a proximity card can get you into the cabinet. The lock then sends a packet of information to the administrative server which contains the cabinet location, caregiver identification and time cabinet was opened.

Administrative Power and Accountability

Being accountable for medical and computer assets is an important responsibility. That job just got easier with the powerful and easy to use NetLock.

The NetLock security system enables administrators to lock down permissions to the contents of a cabinet. The administrative software can drill down to track the access of individual caregivers as well as audit the access into a specific cabinet.

Advantages over old-fashioned, panel-based access control:
• TCP / IP Direct Connectivity
• Open System built with MS Windows
• Reads HID proximity cards
• Power Over Ethernet built in

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